Sağdıçlar Balıkçılık is one of the leading companies in the fish sector in Turkiye with a history of nearly forty years in the sector.

The main activity of our company is wholesale-retail trade of culture, sea fish and processed seafood. As Sağdıçlar Balıkçılık, our goal is to provide healthy nutrition by facilitating humanity's access to reliable seafood, and to ensure that safe and sustainable fisheries are carried to new generations with the employment areas we create.



As Sağdıçlar Balıkçılık, our speciality is Turkish Salmon farming. Our delicious and high quality Turkish Salmon with high nutritional values grown in our farms in Artvin Arhavi meets with the consumer after an intensive harvest process. Turkish Salmon farming consists of processes including hatchery, alevin, breeding, harvesting, and processing stages.


Our processing activities are carried out in our factories located in Istanbul and Trabzon.

-Reliable and healthy seafood products are processed for our valued consumers in slaughterhouse, heat treatment, smoked, frozen product and shrimp processing lines in our factory with a closed area of 1200 m2 in Çekmeköy, Istanbul.

-In our factory located in Akçaabat, Trabzon, Turkish Salmon harvested from our farms are processed in a total area of 8000 m2 and 3200 m2 closed area, slaughtered, shocked, and stored in vide or special specifications